Top 9 Europe Travel Tips ?>

Top 9 Europe Travel Tips

            Traveling to Europe some day is still on the list for nearly every American — Europe remains the most popular destination for Americans traveling overseas. Here you’ll find some of the best Europe travel tips (as well as essential Europe ski information) to help make your travels to the Old Continent more enjoyable. Top 9 European Travel Tips Bring Earplugs             Europe is crowded. Europe is noisy. Unless you’re always in the countryside, bring earplugs for sleeping. (They’re also…

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Travelling Tips With Chronic Illness | Before, During & After Your Trip ?>

Travelling Tips With Chronic Illness | Before, During & After Your Trip

Hello everyone! Wow how a month flies by when you are having fun! An old saying that’s going to be eternally true. To catch you all up I went for a months holiday to America and Canada. It was a crazy whirlwind adventure! 14 flights all up and lots of adrenaline pumping fuel to get me through. I have no idea where it was coming from to be honest, I hardly ate a bite because of the excitement and nerves….

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Europe’s Sparkling Inland Waters ?>

Europe’s Sparkling Inland Waters

Although Europe may be best known for its Blue Flag Beaches, white sandy coastlines, and bustling port cities, travelers should not overlook the pristine inland waters of the vast continent. Europe is populated with sparkling lakes, winding rivers and jaw-dropping waterfalls just begging for tourists to dip their toes in. Book your next vacation to Europe to experience one (or more) of these nine inland waters for yourself. Killarney Lakes, Ireland The Killarney Lakes, located in Killarney National Park, are…

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Pro’s and Con’s of Being an International Business Traveller ?>

Pro’s and Con’s of Being an International Business Traveller

As someone who has been an international business traveller for over a decade I have a pretty good idea of what the good and bad things about the job are. Prior to travelling with work my travel involved leisure travel, the highlight being a month inter-railing around Europe whilst still studying at University. So I detail below some of the pro’s and con’s I’ve discovered. Pro’s:- 1. It’s all paid for! Yes, it is a fabulous fact that I get…

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Nomad’s Family Travel Guide to Singapore ?>

Nomad’s Family Travel Guide to Singapore

Where is Singapore? Singapore is a small island country (272 sq miles) in Southeast Asia. It lies at the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula and is surrounded by Indonesia’s Riau Islands. It lies close to the Equator, and has a warm, humid tropical climate year round. A brief history of Singapore: Modern Singapore was founded in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles as a trading settlement colony for the British. Singapore was occupied by the Japanese during the Second World…

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Things To Do In Essaouira Morocco ?>

Things To Do In Essaouira Morocco

Fishing Harbor Essaouira’s fishing harbor is truly one of a kind and is an experience that should not be missed while visiting the city. The Canaries Current and strong trade winds have created an authentic fishing port filled with an endless supply of fresh seafood. Everything from sardines and sea bass, to conger eels and crab can be found within the market, but the true test of the harbor is selecting the daily catches from local fisherman, and having your…

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